Cotton Physiology Today

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Cotton Physiology Education Program

Cotton Physiology Today
is a newsletter that provides in-depth discussion of technical and production issues as the cotton growing season progresses. These newsletters have been archived as they continue to provide proven strategies to help growers manage practices ranging from fertilization to harvest timing. All files below are PDF format.

When any new topics or updates on existing topics are addressed, they will be added to the listings below.

In addition to these newsletter archives, several volumes of The Cotton Foundation Reference Book Series are devoted to cotton physiology. The Reference Book Series can be found here and are available for downloading as PDF files.

 Growth and Development
 Soil Management, Tillage, and Rotation
 Variety Selection and Planting Decisions  Fertility
 Pest Management
Plant Physiology
Plant Mapping, Monitoring, and Interpretation
Use of Plant Growth Regulators
Crop Management

Fiber Quality and Contamination
Miscellaneous Publications
Year End Reviews