The Cotton Foundation

The Cotton Foundation

Major activities carried out during 2009.

The Cotton Foundation continued its important role in industry members’ quest for profitability by funding new and assisting in ongoing research and education efforts.

The Foundation’s agribusiness members contributed dues of $322,000 in support of 25 general research and education projects. These projects include studies related to pest management, ginning, fiber quality, agronomic practices, plant breeding, education, and textiles.

U.S. cotton is enjoying a healthy return on investment from these efforts, too. National Cotton Council staff estimates that taking into account cash and in-kind services, the Foundation’s general projects enjoy a return of about $3 for every dollar devoted to these projects.


Viewing a West Texas cotton field are the 2009 Multi Commodity Exchange Program (MCEP) recipients from left: Mike Clemens, Wimbledon, ND; Brad Warren, Keenesburg, CO; Kody Bessent, Amarillo, TX; Joe Steiner, Mason, OH; Cassandra Schley, St. Louis, MO; and Brad Doyle, Weiner, AR. MCEP is a Foundation special project.

Some Foundation members continue to go above and beyond their dues support by channeling funds toward special projects – efforts that are helping the NCC address industry’s needs.

One of those endeavors, “Vision 21,” features three project phases -- which cover detailed demographic consumer studies in China and India, cotton life cycle analysis, and cotton flow research. Anticipated completion is late 2010.

The Herbicide Resistant Weeds project has completed a learning module and an educational video. Technical training material was developed to aid in detection and management of resistant weeds as well as proactive training for locations with no known herbicide resistance problem to date.

Not to be overlooked is the Foundation’s important infusion of help with vital NCC communications vehicles, including the Cotton’s Week newsletter, AgDay Cotton’s Week and the Cotton eNews electronic newsletter. The Foundation also stepped up its support of the NCC’s web server making it possible for the NCC to post multiple cotton-related educational materials, including streaming video.

Through the years, the Foundation consistently has provided targeted assistance to short- and long-term industry priorities and needs. The Foundation has proven to be a particularly flexible and resilient 501(c)3 organization – even during periods of economic downturn. From the producer standpoint, it is assuring to know that U.S. cotton can rely on such a solid underpinning as it seeks to thrive in today’shighly competitive fiber market.

high cotton winners

Greg Frey, Farm Press publisher; far left, congratulates the 2010 High Cotton award winners from left: Allen Pierucci, Buttonwillow, CA; Jeff Posey, Roby, TX; Jimmy Hargett, Bells, TN; and Mike Griffin, Suffolk, VA. The Foundation has supported this awards program since its inception 16 years ago.