Major activities carried out during 2013.

Public Attitudes

The NCC consistently conveyed the industry's views on farm bill components and its position on numerous other legislative matters. That included arranging interviews with industry leaders and staff and issuing news releases, videos and radio news lines on farm bill legislation, trade negotiations and multiple regulatory and environmental issues.

Cotton LEADS Logo

The NCC, along with Cotton Incorporated, CCI and Cotton Australia, launched Cotton LEADS™, a program committed to responsibly-produced cotton.

The NCC, along with Cotton Incorporated, CCI and Cotton Australia, launched Cotton LEADS, a program that is committed to responsibly-produced cotton. The program is committed to five core principles that are consistent with sustainability, the use of best practices and traceability in the supply chain. The NCC coordinates the program under a Cotton Foundation special project and hosts the web site,

The NCC continued as an in-kind supporter of America's Heartland, the award-winning national television series celebrating American agriculture. The series, in its ninth season and aired on public television and the RFD-TV cable and satellite channel, educates consumers about the origins of their food, fuel and fiber.

In addition, the NCC continued its participation in That initiative and "The Hand That Feeds Us" are committed to facilitating meaningful conversations with legislators and consumers about how food and fiber is produced to ensure American agriculture's long-term success.

Information Services

The NCC escalated use of its website,, to disseminate information to its members to help them compete in the global marketplace. For example, the NCC created a 2013 Farm Bill section at where testimony, analyses, talking points and other important documents were posted to assist members in tracking and in communicating industry priorities on that important legislation.

weed resistance dvd

The NCC produced a DVD aimed at helping producers manage weed resistance.
A number of technical documents were developed and posted on the NCC's site, ranging from lint contamination prevention materials to background pieces for helping explain the Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Program Plan. The NCC also updated its materials for helping producers manage weed resistance, including the production of a new video. Other videos were posted on such topics as boll weevil and pink boll worm eradication, while new videos were produced on such key issues as lint contamination prevention, round module safety and hazard communication.