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This contact information will be held in the strictest confidence by the Council and will only be used for the purpose described above and on an as-needed basis. You are assured no other business or individual will be able to access your information. Any contact request will include background information to support the issue and will be in conjunction with similar requests to cotton industry leadership. Your response to these requests for contact is totally voluntary and will be in the form of email communication.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Craig Brown at the National Cotton Council at 901/274-9030. Your cooperation and participation in this data base project is greatly appreciated and vital for the success of our industry's legislative endeavors.

The U.S. cotton industry is facing numerous challenges in the farm program and international trade policy arenas in the near future, including the formulation of a new farm bill. There are many occasions where contacts by representatives of cotton agri-businesses with Cotton Belt Members of Congress and the Administration are important in reinforcing issue positions taken by NCC membership. Your cooperation is needed for the establishment of a Cotton Belt contact data base for cotton-related businesses. This data base will be accessed exclusively by the NCC staff and will be used only on those occasions when your support is needed with Members of Congress or the Administration.