2005 News Releases

2005 News Releases from the National Cotton Council

Chambliss Issues Final Observation on Hong Kong Ministerial 12/21/2005
"The conclusion of the World Trade Organization Ministerial in Hong Kong leaves many questions open for farmers and ranchers in the United States" said Senator Saxby Chambliss today.
NCC: Hong Kong Text Inequitable; Abandons Single Undertaking for Agriculture 12/19/2005
The NCC is extremely disappointed in the Declaration approved by the participants in the Ministerial Conference recently concluded in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Draft Text Abandons Single Undertaking 12/17/2005
The National Cotton Council is extremely disappointed in the draft Ministerial text developed by Director General Lamy. NCC Chairman Woods Eastland said that the draft text is not consistent with the concept of a single undertaking for agriculture and establishes an unwise precedent for WTO trade negotiations. “The draft text could be interpreted as asking the EU and the U.S. to take larger cuts quicker, to give total access to Least Developed Countries with nothing in return, and demands an end to export subsidies for cotton before the implementation period of the agreement is likely to begin. The Lamy text is not a single undertaking for agriculture. Instead, it singles out cotton.
NCC STATEMENT at Ag Trade Coalition Press Conference in Hong Kong 12/16/2005
The NCC issued a statement outlining the U.S. cotton industry’s perspectives of the WTO ministerial meeting.
NCC Concerned With Raw Cotton Import Offer 12/15/2005
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland expressed concern over the reported U.S. offer to allow upland cotton produced in certain less developed countries to enter the United States duty and quota free.
NCC Praises Congressional Members for Cotton Support in Upcoming Doha Negotiations 12/09/2005
The NCC praised Congressional members for their strong support for a single-undertaking approach in the upcoming WTO agriculture negotiations in Hong Kong.
NCC Welcomes Crowder Appointment 11/17/2005
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland welcomed the announcement that President Bush has nominated Dr. Richard Crowder to serve as the USTR's chief agricultural negotiator.
U.S. Program Will Help Rural Africans Live Better 11/11/2005
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland commended Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Portman for their efforts in developing a program to improve the conditions confronting West African cotton producers.
Farm Law Changes, Tighter Payment Limits Would Harm Arizona and Western Agriculture 11/10/2005
Arizona cotton producers offered their thoughts to USDA Deputy Undersecretary Mark Rey about why they believe it is important that the structure of the 2002 farm bill be maintained for its duration – through the completion of the 2007 crop – and why the current law should be the foundation for U.S. farm policy beyond 2007.
NCC Grateful for Senators’ Payment Limitations Opposition 11/03/2005
NCC Woods Eastland expressed appreciation to Senators Chambliss (R-GA), Lincoln (D-AR), Talent (R-MO), Cochran (R-MS), Pryor (D-AR) and their bi-partisan coalition of Senators from across the country who successfully thwarted a damaging and divisive payment limitations amendment.
NCC Commends Work on Reconciliation Packages 10/28/2005
The NCC complimented House Agriculture Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) for his leadership in achieving a responsible and balanced budget reconciliation package.
Farm Law Changes, Tighter Payment Limits Would Harm Georgia and U.S. Agriculture 10/21/2005
Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns heard a familiar message from Georgia cotton producers regarding farm policy - that the structure of the 2002 farm bill should be maintained for its duration – through the completion of the 2007 crop.
NCC Commends Chairman Chambliss on Developing Balanced Reconciliation Package 10/19/2005
The NCC expressed appreciation to Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) for his leadership in developing a balanced reconciliation package and steering it through the committee.
Farm Law Changes, Tighter Payment Limits Would Harm Arkansas and U.S. Agriculture 10/14/2005
Farm Law Changes, Tighter Payment Limits Would Harm Arkansas and U.S. Agriculture
NCC Supporting America’s Heartland TV Series 10/14/2005
The NCC is pleased to support America's Heartland - a new weekly public television show celebrating the miracle of American agriculture and the farm and ranch families that help make it possible.
STATEMENT - On The U.S. Proposal For WTO Agricultural Negotiations 10/12/2005
Reacting to the latest agricultural proposal by the USTR, as outlined on its web site, NCC Chairman Woods Eastland said that “the proposals represent a very aggressive stance by the United States in the Doha Negotiations and would require significant cuts in U.S. farm programs if agreed to by the Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the U.S. Congress.”
STATEMENT: Senate Budget Reconciliation Package 10/06/2005
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland reacted to the proposed budget reconciliation package developed by the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, calling it “painful, but equitable."
Farm Law Changes, Tighter Payment Limits Would Harm Texas and U.S. Agriculture 10/06/2005
At a farm bill listening session in Lubbock, nearly 30 individual cotton producers and allied industry representatives stressed to Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns the importance of maintaining the 2002 farm law's structure and why that law should be the foundation for U.S. farm policy beyond 2007.
2006 Beltwide Production Conference Agenda Taking Shape 10/05/2005
The 2006 Beltwide Cotton Conferences’ Production Conference program will include topics ranging from the keys to getting a healthy stand to new precision agriculture tools.
U.S. Cotton Wants Positive Doha Outcome; But NCC Opposes Singling Out Cotton 09/30/2005
NCC President/CEO Mark Lange told the International Cotton Association in Liverpool that the US cotton industry will contribute to a positive outcome in the WTO’s Doha negotiations.
The Challenge: Building Greater Global Cotton Demand 09/26/2005
In an address at the International Cotton Advisory Committee’s 64th Plenary Meeting in Liverpool, NCC Chairman Woods Eastland challenged the world’s cotton-producing countries to grow global demand for the fiber by five million bales per year for the next five years.
Tighter Payment Limits Would Harm Oklahoma Agriculture 09/23/2005
At a recent USDA farm bill listening session in Oklahoma City, Altus cotton producer Danny Robbins also stressed to Deputy Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner the importance of maintaining the farm law's current structure and noted that spending under that law is much less than originally projected.
WTO Ag Agreement Must Be Single Undertaking; Provide Meaningful Benefits to Farmers 09/21/2005
The NCC told a Senate panel that for a WTO agricultural agreement to be a positive, it must provide meaningful benefits to farmers and agribusinesses in return for any concessions.
NCC Engaged in Preserving Farm Law Integrity and Addressing Major Trade Issues 09/13/2005
The National Cotton Council is emphasizing to lawmakers and USDA the need for the current farm law to remain unaltered through its 2007 duration, and that payment limits should not be further tightened.
Tighter Payment Limits Would Harm Kansas Agriculture 09/12/2005
During one of USDA's farm bill listening sessions in Hutchinson, KS, Anthony, KS, cotton ginner Gary Feist told Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns that the current farm program provides an important safety net for U.S. agriculture in a fiscally responsible manner.
NCC Expresses Gratitude to Sen. Frist for Hearing Farmers 08/22/2005
The NCC commended Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) for discussing cotton’s situation and outlook with West Tennessee farmers.
NCC Applauds Passage of DR-CAFTA 07/28/2005
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland hailed the passage of DR-CAFTA by the House of Representatives early on July 28.
DR-CAFTA Will Strengthen Southeastern Cotton Producers 07/27/2005
The NCC says that a DR-CAFTA will bolster Southeastern U.S. cotton producers and help sustain one of their most reliable markets – the U.S. textile industry.
NCC Producer Leaders Attend Pro-CAFTA Rally 07/21/2005
NCC Producer Leaders Attend Pro-CAFTA Rally
NCC Opposes Administration’s Step 2 Cotton Program Proposal 07/06/2005
The NCC opposes the Bush Administration’s plan proposing statutory changes in the Step 2 cotton program to comply with a WTO dispute decision. The NCC distributed <a href=/issues/members/2005/step2letter.cfm >a letter</a> to the House and Senate ag committees and Cotton Belt Congressional members on USDA's proposal on the U.S. Cotton and Export Credit Guarantee Programs.
NCC Responds to African WTO Cotton Proposal 05/27/2005
NCC President/CEO Mark Lange responded to a group of African countries' proposal to treat cotton differently than other agricultural commodities within the ongoing WTO negotiations by saying, “A move away from the single-undertaking approach to the WTO agricultural negotiations would be a serious mistake for the Doha Round.”
NCC Sees Beef Checkoff Court Ruling as Positive 05/24/2005
The NCC sees the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the beef marketing campaign as a favorable development for the Cotton Research and Promotion Program.
NCC Pleased With Administration’s Swift Safeguard Action 05/13/2005
The NCC is gratified by the Administration’s swift and decisive action to impose safeguards on certain categories of textile and apparel imports from China.
Industry Affirms Support for DR-CAFTA 05/10/2005
The National Cotton Council's board of directors, in a May 9 special session, announced its support for the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement.
Applications Being Accepted for 2005-06 Cotton Leadership Class 04/25/2005
The National Cotton Council is accepting applications for the 2005-06 Cotton Leadership Class through July 1.
EU Abandons Single Undertaking, Jeopardizing Doha Round 04/20/2005
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland expressed disappointment at posturing by the European Union concerning the Doha Round Negotiations saying, “the EU Trade Commissioner’s call for cotton’s early harvest is divisive and holds the potential to send the Doha round into a chaotic free-for-all.”
NCC: Cultivation of China as Customer Imperative 04/15/2005
NCC Vice President Robert Weil, II, told the House Ways and Means Committee that it is imperative that the U.S. cotton industry continue to cultivate China as a good customer.
NCC Supports Industry Safeguard Petitions, Commends Administration 04/06/2005
The NCC announced its support of plans to file new safeguard petitions regarding Chinese imports and reiterated its commendation of the Administration's decision to self-initiate safeguards on six apparel categories.
NCC Commends Textile Safeguard Proceedings’ Initiation 04/04/2005
The NCC commended the Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements' announcement that the U.S. government will self-initiate textile safeguard proceedings against China in six product categories to determine whether they are contributing to U.S. market disruption.
Textile and Apparel Imports from China Flood U.S. Market 03/11/2005
Citing actual damage from the flood of textile and apparel imports into the U.S. market, the U.s. textile industry and Union call on the U.S. government to self-initiate safeguards.
NCC Statement on WTO Appellate Ruling 03/03/2005
The NCC is disappointed with the ruling by the appellate body of the World Trade Organization in the Brazil/U.S. cotton case.
NCC Says 13.73 Million Cotton Acres in 2005 02/19/2005
U.S. cotton producers intend to plant 13.73 million acres of cotton this spring, up 0.6 percent from 2004, according to the NCC’s 22nd Annual Early Season Planting Intentions Survey.
NCC Issues Statement on Budget Proposal 02/07/2005
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland said the Administration's budget outline is just the first step in a long, important budget process, and he emphasized the importance of Congress evaluating these proposals and other options as it seeks ways to trim the federal deficit.
Cotton Industry Achievement Award Honors Echols 01/31/2005
The late Jim Echols is honored with the Oscar Johnston Lifetime Achievement Award.
Cotton Service Award Honors Charlie Stenholm 01/31/2005
Charlie Stenholm is the recipient of the 2005 Harry S. Baker Award.
National Cotton Council 2005 State Unit Officers Named 01/31/2005
The NCC named 2005 State Unit officers.
National Cotton Council Names 2005 Directors 01/31/2005
NCC directors for 2005 were elected at the NCC's annual meeting in Washington, DC.
Woods Eastland to Lead the National Cotton Council in 2005 01/31/2005
Woods Eastland is the NCC Chairman for 2005.
John E. Pucheu, Jr., Re-elected Chairman of American Cotton Producers 01/31/2005
John E. Pucheu, Jr., was re-elected chairman of the American Cotton Producers for 2005.
Larry McClendon to Lead National Cotton Ginners in 2005 01/31/2005
Larry McClendon is the 2005-06 president of the Memphis, TN-based National Cotton Ginners Association.
U.S. Cotton Industry Faces Challenging Economic Climate 01/29/2005
U.S. cotton faces a challenging economic outlook due to lower prices induced by record world production, continued reliance on exports and post-quota pressures on the domestic textile industry, NCC Economist Gary Adams said.
Memphis Merchant Named CCI President for 2005 01/28/2005
Gary W. Taylor, a Memphis, TN, merchant, was elected president of Cotton Council International (CCI) for 2005, moving up from first vice president.
U.S Cotton Industry Will Tackle a Capitol Agenda 01/20/2005
NCC delegates will develop policies and programs to help the U.S. cotton industry meet challenges ranging from federal budget proposals to free trade negotiations during the NCC’s 2005 Annual Meeting, Jan. 27-31 in Washington, DC.
Dr. Wayne Smith is 2004 Cotton Genetics Research Award Recipient 01/06/2005
The Texas A&M University breeder received was recognized at the Beltwide Cotton Improvement Conference in New Orleans.
Lilly Pulitzer® is 2005 U.S. Cotton Champion Award Recipient 01/05/2005
The Lilly Pulitzer® clothing company was honored during the Cotton Counts fashion show at the 2005 Beltwide Cotton Conferences.
2005 High Cotton Winners Reducing Tillage, Adapting To Challenges 01/04/2005
Conservation tillage could well be the watchword for the recipients of the 2005 High Cotton Awards.