Weed Resistance Management



Recognizing that herbicide resistance is a growing threat to efficient cotton production, particularly in the Mid-South and Southeast, the National Cotton Council (NCC) is escalating its educational effort. That includes the creation of this site, which contains links to information that can help NCC producer members make informed decisions and identify management strategies most appropriate for their operations. The NCC realizes that weed management is not a "one shoe fits all" plan and that one producer may use different weed management strategies for different fields.

The NCC will update this page as needed to ensure its members have the best information available as they develop their weed management strategies. Initial information tools include:

Weed Resistance Learning Module
This NCC-hosted free online course received financial support from The Cotton Foundation via grants from Monsanto, Syngenta and Dow AgroSciences. The comprehensive tool was developed in cooperation with weed scientists across the Cotton Belt.

Weed Resistance Videos
In these videos, cotton producers and scientists who know about this menace firsthand discuss why this concern must not be ignored and provide valuable information on how to deal with weed resistance.

Managing Herbicide Resistance in Cotton Cropping Systems (368k pdf)
Cotton Incorporated has published a bulletin to help producers manage herbicide resistance. The document was reviewed by a panel of internationally recognized experts in pest resistance management.

Soil Conservation Threatened by Herbicide Resistant Weeds (1mb pdf)
New CAST paper looks at balance between conservation tillage and herbicide-resistant weeds.